With the COMAC C919 officially rolling off the production line, China's aerospace industry continues to develop with the support of the government and has received a total of 815 orders from 28 customers as of February 26, 2018.

In the past few years, WEDO has been acting as a provider in quality management for China's industrial and aerospace industry chains.

WEDO serves the nationwide. With the service concept of fast, efficient and accurate, we provide customers with solutions in quality management, such as aero engine, wing symmetry measurement, service shop positioning system, aviation fixture adjustment, etc.

Integrated by science and technology, aircraft has higher requirements in manufacturing process, assembly process, quality control and other aspects. It has many special-shaped structures and large volume, which not only demands for high processing techniques, but also brings many challenges to quality control. Thus, the measurement job runs throughout the whole process of aviation fixture production.

WEDO provides contact and non-contact measurement solutions for aerospace industry such as laser tracker, measuring arm, industrial photogrammetry, large space 3D laser scanner, 3D printing and so on. We offer suitable measurement solutions based on different customer needs, and we also have provided professional technical services for many customers successfully so far. WEDO will keep doing its utmost for the development of our motherland.

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