Car molds & checking fixtures inspection

With the growth of car sales, the scale of automobile parts is even larger than the car body, and 90% of these parts are produced by molds, which helps push forward the development of automobile mold industry. Therefore, we need to compare with the original CAD models to produce molds of high quality. Auto molds, fixture surface and hole size, all of them need to be measured and compared with the original data, and thus portable measuring equipment is required in factories.

Car body inspection

White body is a part as well as a carrier of a car. It is composed of 300-500 complex parts through fixture positioning process. This means there are as many as 4000-5000 soldered points, so errors are inevitable. Different measurement methods are necessary to get a large number of data and analyse various factors to ensure the overall accuracy of the car body. Using CMM to inspect the surface, mounting hole and position of the white body, and the errors are detected after we get a qualified rate of the whole car. And then the sizes are further measured through tooling adjustment so that correct data of the entire car body will be obtained.

Factory digital coordinate positioning system

Factory digital coordinate positioning system

A whole production line is very complex in structure and large in scale which is composed of hundreds, thousands parts or even more.

In today’s competitive market, an increase in demand for higher quality products causes the necessity to improve the accuracy in production lines.

From positioning, installation to adjustment, traditional measuring methods and instruments are difficult to meet the requirements. In this case, WEDO measuring system can help.


Tooling installation and positioning

The construction of a production line is a process following certain principles which are subject to objects and space in order to achieve specific design objectives. For enterprises, all of these machines and facilities including plants, main/auxiliary engines, auxiliary equipment, special equipment, special toolings, instruments, meters, weighing apparatus, containers, transportation facilities, and mechanics, power supply, illuminating systems, steam supply, water supply, air conditioning, pipelines, lifting, transportation, etc. require systematic and accurate positioning.

After its transformation from a manufacturing country to a world power, China seeks always higher automation capability and quality products. Its large-scale production lines play a key role in industrial production. And nowadays intellectualized market and industries make those large-scale production lines tend to be more accurate, professional, intelligent, systematic and numerical.

Tooling adjustment

Tooling adjustment

We have sets of world's leading measuring instruments including measuring arm, laser tracker to fast serve different measurement needs.

For example, in an automobile welding workshop, use measuring arm to test jigs and checking fixtures in the assembly line; fast compare with CAD models and quickly make adjustments. It provides a strong dimensions basis for later production.

Laser tracker can be used to install, locate, adjust and measure the mainline and side circumference in the car production line. This ensures the consistency in the horizontal position, collimation, relative positions of the production line.

Then the toolings of each position are tested and adjusted to a theoretical state so all sizes in the car body welding process can be measured.

Robot calibration

Robot calibration

Use laser tracker to collect data of robot’s real trace and then compare it with the theoretical data. Then use third-party software to modify the deviation value so the accuracy of the robot can be improved.

In order to improve the quality of domestic industrial robots, we must test their performance before they go out.

The performance needs to be tested as well after a long time use. If the test results are not ideal, it is necessary to calculate all errors caused during the assembly or use of the robot through the industrial robot DH parameter calibration module in the system, and input these errors to the controller to conduct an error compensation. This helps improve the robot accuracy rapidly and precisely without changing any mechanical parts, which brings high-quality development of domestic industrial robot industry.

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