Daily maintenance of three coordinate measuring machine
Date:2021/6/17 9:45:48

Daily maintenance

1. Check and release the water in air compressor, filter, gas tank and pipeline before starting. On rainy days, check every four hours.

2. When air conditioner is open, wipe the measurement machine guide rail with a clean paper and anhydrous alcohol (machine cover and the main and auxiliary legs can only be wiped with water). Clean the indoor environment, and keep it tidy.

3. Check whether there are obstacles in the rail area of the measuring machine, and whether the measuring head will collide with the table or the workpiece when rotating the measuring seat.

4. Check the measuring machine cable, trachea, ground wire connections are normal and reliable.

5. Check the indoor temperature and humidity are within the scope of requirements (20 degrees C + + 2 C, 40% ~ 65%).

6. Switch on the air source, check whether the input air pressure meets the requirements (≥ 0.55Mp).

7. Open the UPS power supply, and check whether the power supply is normal (220V ±10%).

8. Keep the temperature and humidity in the testing room, and avoid cleaning the floor before the holiday which is supposed to clean at work.

Regular maintenance

1. Measure typical parts, and check whether the accuracy of the measurement machine changes, whether it can meet the requirements. In particular, it has to be checked under seasonal changes or changes in environmental conditions.

2. Check whether the filter is clean. Check whether the air supply pipe is clean.


1. Clean filter core.

2. When season changes, check the environmental conditions of temperature and humidity.

3. Detect typical parts to spot the accuracy of the measurement machine.

4.Check the accuracy of the probe system. Estimate the life of the probe, properly prepare spare parts (especially the trigger probe).


1. It is recommended to calibrate the measuring machine every year.

2. Check the safety of compressed air pipeline and gas storage tank.

3. Check the air block, belt, motor and other mechanical parts.

4. Clean the grating ruler and check the working state of the reading head.

5. Clean the control system and check if the cable head is loose.

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